Community Schools Breakfast and Lunch menus.


Breakfast Menu

Monday — Pancakes, sausage, applesauce, juice

Tuesday — Breakfast pizza, orange, juice

Wednesday — No School

Thursday — Mini cinnis, yogurt, apple slices, juice

Friday — Biscuit and gravy, pineapple, juice

Lunch Menu

Monday — Soft shell taco, potato coins, yogurt, oranges, garden bar

Tuesday — Three cheese calzone, cookie, garden bar, apple slices with fruit dip

Wednesday — No School

Thursday — Sloppy Jill, tri-tator, pineapple, garden bar

Friday — Chicken strips, breaded cheese stick with Marinara sauce, peach slices, garden bar

East Marshall

Breakfast Menu

Monday — Cereal, yogurt, juice, tropical fruit

Tuesday — Breakfast pizza, juice, oranges

Wednesday — Egg patty, toast, juice, strawberries

Thursday — W.G. Long John, juice, spiced apples

Friday — Pancake rollup, juice, banana

Lunch Menu

Monday — Nacho bites, lettuce salad, green peppers, garbanzo beans, pears, peaches

Tuesday — Chicken tetrazzini, W.G. roll, baby carrots, green beans, celery sticks, oranges, 100% juice cups

Wednesday — Crispitos with cheese, lettuce salad, diced tomatoes, green peppers, spiced apples, strawberries

Thursday — Breakfast Pizza, yogurt, fresh broccoli, baby carrots, Mandarin oranges, banana

Friday — Chili, W.G. Cinnamon roll, corn, sliced cucumbers, cauliflower bites, applesauce, Sidekicks frozen juice


Breakfast Menu

Monday — Frosted donut, juice

Tuesday — Breakfast biscuit, juice

Wednesday — No School

Thursday — Pancake sausage on a stick, juice

Friday — Biscuit with sausage gravy, juice

Lunch Menu

Monday — Chicken strips, mashed potato, applesauce, chocolate chip muffin

Tuesday — Pig in a blanket, baked beans, pears

Wednesday — No School

Thursday — Vegetable beef soup, grilled cheese sandwich, Mandarin oranges, chocolate cake

Friday — Chicken Alfredo, peas, breadstick, peaches


Breakfast Menu

Monday — Cocoa Puffs Cereal, string cheese, Biscuits and gravy with sausage patty (HS, MMS, Lenihan), Craisins, fresh fruit

Tuesday — Mini strawberry bagels, fresh fruit, Breakfast sandwich (HS, MMS, Lenihan), juice

Wednesday — Mini pancakes, Cinnamon roll (HS, MMS, Lenihan), pineapple cup, fresh fruit

Thursday — Blueberry muffin, Breakfast sandwich (HS, MMS, Lenihan), Go-gurt, fresh fruit, juice

Friday — Fruity Cheerios bar, French toast sticks with sausage patty (HS, MMS, Lenihan), pear cup, fresh fruit

Lunch Menu

Monday — Popcorn chicken, Meatball sub sandwich (HS, MMS, Lenihan), broccoli with cheese sauce, cherry tomatoes, Mandarin oranges, animal crackers

Tuesday — Chicken patty on a bun, Cheezy beefburger on Loco bread (HS, MMS, Lenihan), ranch potato wedges, celery sticks, apple slices

Wednesday — Spaghetti Casserole with WG dinner roll, Spicy chicken sandwich (Lenihan), Pizza Hut Pepperoni pizza (HS, MMS), Romaine salad, baby carrots, pears

Thursday — Nacho cheese bites, Spicy chicken sandwich (HS, MMS), Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza (Lenihan), refried beans, red pepper strips, Sidekick frozen juice

Friday — Garlic cheese French bread, Sausage pancake stick (MMS, Lenihan, HS), green beans, radish slices, fresh pineapple


Breakfast Menu – No Menu Available

Lunch Menu – No Menu Available

South Tama

Breakfast Menu

Monday — Mini Dutch Waffles, strawberries, apple juice

Tuesday — Egg and cheese omelet, toast with jelly and margarine, banana, grape juice

Wednesday — Breakfast boat, banana, pineapple juice

Thursday — Scrambled egg, toast with margarine, diced pears, apple juice

Friday — Ready to eat cereal, Strawberry PopTart, diced peaches, orange juice

Lunch Menu

Monday — Nachos with ground beef, refried beans, California vegetables, diced peaches

Tuesday — Hot ham and cheese on a whole grain bun, potato rounds, seasoned green beans, fresh pears

Wednesday — Maidrite on a bun, ranch wedges, Romaine lettuce salad, peas, mixed fruit

Thursday — Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, fresh baby carrots, Romaine lettuce salad, pineapple

Friday — Chicken strips with special sauce, fresh broccoli, cherry tomatoes, whole wheat roll, orange and banana cup

West Marshall

Breakfast Menu

Monday — Sausage Biscuit, cereals, toast

Tuesday — French toast, cereals,

Wednesday — Cinnamon roll, Donut (HS), cereals, toast

Thursday — Breakfast pizza, cereals, toast

Friday — No School

Lunch Menu

Monday — Trojan cheese bread, Grilled chicken sandwich (MS/HS) Marinara sauce, dark green lettuce salad, orange smiles, cake

Tuesday — Mr. Ribb sandwich, Cheeseburger (MS/HS), baked beans, cucumber slices, Mandarin oranges

Wednesday — Chicken and noodles, beef and gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, dinner roll, fruit cocktail

Thursday — Shrimp poppers, Deli sub (MS/HS), green beans, baby carrots, hot pasta (MS/HS), grapes

Friday — No School