Park and Rec Board holds January meeting

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee welcomed new Board members Kim Barnes and Anel Garza at it opened the Jan. 18 meeting.

Matt Tulis and Jeff Sogge talked about past history of the Park and Recreation Advisory Committee and projects they have helped the department with over the years. They also spoke about Board member responsibilities and attendance at meetings.

Minutes of the December 21 meeting was approved.

The Director reported:

• Update on Mega-10 playground upgrade and funds received to date including $150,000 from the Martha Ellen Tye Foundation and $15,000 from the Mega-10 Board. Iowa Valley Leadership class fundraising events including a Trivia night on Feb. 28 and a Party for the Parks at Hy-Vee. Also, pickets will be available for purchase as a donation for $100. Pickets will surround the new Children’s Discovery Garden at Mega-10.

• There is funding for the Futsal courts at the West End and Anne Selness is working with John Hermanson on this project. $65,000 in the CIP for this project. The board discussed the fact that the high school uses the courts in the spring as an alternate practice site and for Junior Varsity meets. There are 35 JV tennis players.

• RFQ’s for Wilson Circle is still out and are to be turned in by Jan. 31.

• Working to move all of the facility, coliseum and aquatic center rentals online through ActiveNet for 2017 to save significant staff time and phone calls. One session is completed and have two more to go before everything is up and running.

• Park & Rec will be utilizing three couples as campground hosts this year in order to give us a pool of trained volunteers.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan: submitting a grant for $60,000 to the Tye Foundation to hire a consultant to research and write a Parks and Recreation Master Plan for Marshalltown. This will be a great project and a very much needed to move the Parks and Recreation Department forward in the coming years. Plan will focus on current uses, future use and needed updates.

Meeting adjourned at 5 p.m. Next meeting is Feb. 15.