Real estate program at recent ADK meeting

On Jan. 19, ADK met at Fisher Community Center at 5:30 p.m.

President Jeanne Christensen introduced Kristen Polley, of Five Star Real Estate, who presented the program: “Thinking of a Neighborhood Change?” Healthy snacks were provided by committee members: Carol Rahn, Janelle Hawk, Connie Mogard and Meg Sponseller.

Thought for the day: Lori Diggins read “A Humble Show.” The message was humility counts. Stay humble. Roll Call was 23 members present. December minutes were approved as printed in the last newsletter. All 55 ADK members have paid their dues according to treasurer Carol Roush.

The altruistic project for this month is the Emergency Food Box. Members brought items or made a monetary donation. Members voted for the March altruistic project to be Hertco Hollow Camp which provides support for school age children who have Type 1 Diabetes. This is also a state project promoted by ADK State President Micah Rayner. Purple altruistic sheets are due at the February meeting.

As of Jan. 1, retired educators may join ADK. This is a change in membership.

Mogard played a game of Jeopardy with members to educate about history of ADK.

Thanks again to ADK member for the Adopt-A-Family donations and bell ringing for the Salvation Army in December. Members are to continue to collect Box tops, Quick Star and Quick Trip milk and juice tops for the area schools.

Donna Appel talked about the raffle for the scoreboard at the MHS Roundhouse. Raffle tickets are available for purchase through Appel or contact MHS.

Lori Diggins, Maria Hazen and LaVonne Hildahl led a memorial for life-time member Betty Emmons. Emmons joined ADK in 1949, two years after ADK originated. She was an active member until her time in the nursing home. In memory of Emmons, a memorial was given to Alpha Delta Foundation where it will be used for an altruistic project.

Hawk announced the Feb. 16 meeting will be at the Fisher Auditorium with a soup supper starting at 5:30 p.m. Appel will present the program about Special Olympics Iowa and the altruistic opportunity will be donations to support the Special Olympics.

The meeting ended with the ADK song.