City Manager Kinser tells Noon Lions of goals for Marshalltown

After lunch, group singing, the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, The Marshalltown Noon Lions Club, on Monday led by President Wally Paige turned to Program Chairman Allan Thoreson for introduction of the program of the day. Presented to the club was Marshalltown City Manager, Jessica Kinser, who spoke on current concerns and challenges, faced by the city.

Kinser, a native of Iowa and a graduate of Iowa State University, has served as Marshalltown’s City Administrator for less than one year. She shared with the Lions how pleased she is with the spirit and willingness that many in the community have for volunteering and assuming civic responsibility.

Kinser, who served in a similar capacity as city administrator in Clinton, presented four 2017 Goals for The City of Marshalltown. The first goal is to expand and improve the housing stock in the community. This includes not only new construction but rehabilitation and upgrading of older housing stock.

The second goal is to enhance Marshalltown’s public image. She pointed to many of the admirable qualities and unique features of the town. For many, it is a city small enough and large enough at the same time. Traffic is seldom a problem, quality amenities, are substantial. Good jobs are available and retail outlets have a good variety of offerings.

The third goal is to provide quality city services in an efficient and effective manner. Clean water, sewers, parks and street re-surfacing are but some of the areas currently receiving attention.

The fourth of this year’s goals is to improve the quality of life in Marshalltown through partnerships within the community.

As Kinser drew near to the end of her talk, she told the club of a special election regarding a change in the allocation of the Local option sales tax. Discussed also was the construction of the new Police and Fire Building, the rehabilitation and upgrading of The Veterans Coliseum and improvements of State Highway 14 which runs through the city. Kinser also announced that May 20 would be “Marshalltown Spring Clean-up Day.”

Several questions were addressed during a time of discussion following the presentation.

As the club meeting closed, President Paige reminded the members that on May 15 the Noon Lions Board of Directors would be meeting.