Brown speaks to Matins Kiwanis on Marshalltown CC athletics

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Matins Kiwanis Program Chair Andy Schwandt introduced Kathleen Brown, director of athletics at Marshalltown Community College who gave a program on the different dynamics that make up MCC athletics.

Matins Kiwanis met Thursday morning at 6:30 a.m. in the Salvation Army building and were greeted by Glen Christen. Token Fines were paid by Lyle Weber, Andy Schwandt, Don Feld, Loren Fisher and Frank Moran with Happy Dollars coming from Feld and Alan Hilleman. The “Best Associate Member” award was presented to Weber by President Feld and Free Breakfasts were won by Hilleman and Feld. A Funnel Cake update was presented by Schwandt.

Program Host Schwandt introduced the guest speaker Kathleen Brown. Brown has been serving as the director of athletics at Marshalltown Community College since July of last year. She brings much experience in the athletic arena from around the country with her resume of college administration duties in athletics from Omaha, Minnesota and the east coast.

MCC has 40 international student athletes out of the 130 athletes that will be participating in sports at MCC this year. Two of coaches are also out of the country, with the men’s soccer coach from Spain and basketball coach from Iceland.

The men’s soccer team was ranked third in the nation for most of the season last year with much of the team returning this fall. The volleyball coach coming from Wyoming is serving his second season with six international student athletes. The soccer and volleyball teams were both awarded national recognition for their team grade point averages last year of 3.8! MCC is Division I in athletics meaning they can present scholarships for all sports. The sports being offered at the college include soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball and baseball and will be adding shooting this year. The 50th anniversary of Tiger Days will be held at the Legion Golf Course this year on Sept. 7 with many of the student athletes participating.

Questions were raised and answered and President Feld adjourned the meeting with another weak joke.