West Liberty

• The West Liberty Rotary Club is attempting to light the way along the Hoover Walking Trail, a popular walking destination used by the community. Thanks to the local club and a grant from Rotary International, Rotary has installed three lights along the darkest portion. The hope is that other organizations will step up and fund the lighting needed to complete the remainder of the trail which extends from Heritage Park to Highway 6. — West Liberty Index

Pleasant Hill

• A new addition to the agriculture room is being built and is hoped to be finished by November. Agriculture teacher Matthew Eddy decided to add the aquaponic system to the ag room to not only get locally grown food into the school’s cafeteria, but to give students a feel of what the industry will look like. Aquaponics is the combining of aquaculture, the raising of fish, and hydroponics, the growing of plants in water. It will take the nutrients from the fish and use it to grow the plants. — The Rampage

Van Buren

• Van Buren Community School District received a dose of good news when its certified enrollment increased this year. The number of resident students attending this year increased by more than eight from 539.1 to 547.5. The number of non-resident students, which includes open enrolled in and the 83 students involved in the whole grade sharing with Harmony, is also up 121-124. Those enrolled out is also officially up to 7.5. — Van Buren County Register

Mount Vernon

• The Mount Vernon School District is at the forefront of a new assessment and reporting system that administrators hope better reflects how well students are mastering skills they’ll need in today’s world. Mount Vernon is preparing to roll out Evidence Based Reporting which is a type of standards-baed grading system. Transitioning to EBR is a work in progress, but the hope is to use the system in a few classes next year and in all classes in the middle and high schools within three years. Teachers will train for a solid year before using it. — Sun, Mount Vernon-Lisbon