Statewide Roundup


• Cribbage, from throwing down the versatile five card to notching pegs on the board, this world-renowned past time has been entertaining everyone from troops to young children for the last 400 years. In odd coincidence with the birthday weekend of the game inventor, Sir John Suckling, and the international celebration of the 400-year-old game, Jasper County residents gathered at the Colfax Historical Society and Museum Sunday to play cards, enjoy some good food and relive some precious memories. — Jasper County Tribune

Des Moines

• This winter has allowed Drake University students to participate in a tradition that does not come around very often: Hubbelling. Hubbelling is a Drake tradition that started when students would take the blue plastic dinner trays from Hubbell and use them to sled down Hubbell Hill with, according to Drake tradition. This winter brought a large amount of snow which led to the perfect Hubbelling conditions. According to the president of the Student Alumni Association, Hubbelling is all about timing and the snow. — The Times-Delphic

Cedar Rapids

• The nearly three days it took to fix the tunnels, seemed like an eternity for students walking on campus Feb. 3-5. A steam leak forced Mount Mercy to lock all tunnel access for nearly three days for student safety. Luckily, temperatures over the weekend weren’t terrible considering it is winter in Iowa. Once Monday hit, students were praying the tunnels would be back up and running because the high way only going to be 14 degrees. Students were forced to walk from class to class in the very cold temperatures for most of Monday, until the tunnels were opened later in the afternoon. — Mount Mercy Times


• Two Winterset students are being lauded for their actions following the recent Winterset boys’ basketball game at Carlisle. As fans were streaming from the bleachers onto the court, a pair of Winterset youth noticed a fan in the stands that had a look of terror on his face. The fan was handicapped, and both junior Gavin Milledge and Jacob Dick, a senior, saw what was happening. The duo raced into the stands to protect the fan from possibly becoming trampled from fans storming the court. The two boys were invited to attend the Winterset School Board meeting while School Superintendent Dr. Susie Meade paraphrased an anonymous letter praising the two boys for their quick actions. — Winterset Madisonian