Daily Record, July 21, 2017


Due to misinformation provided to the T-R by the Marshalltown Police Department, Reyna Veronica Cazares Cortes was listed as being arrested for third-degree harassment in the July 19 edition. This information was incorrect.

Teen charged with sexual abuse

A 16-year old Marshalltown male has been charged by the Marshalltown Police Department with second-degree sexual abuse as a result of an alleged incident involving a three-year old girl.

Dominic Lee Krough was arrested by the MPD, and made his initial appearance in Marshall County District Court earlier this week.

Capt. Brian Batterson of the MPD said the victim’s parents contacted the police, alleging inappropriate contact by Krough with their daughter.

The complaint was followed up by personnel, and Krough was arrested following the investigation.

Batterson said Krough and the victim were acquainted with each other.

The teen was released under supervision of the Department of Correctional Services, and must abide by all terms and conditions imposed by the DOC.

Krough’s preliminary hearing is set for 1 p.m. Aug. 7, also in Marshall County District Court; he will be represented by a public defender.

Marshall County Courthouse



• Vincent James Martinez made an initial appearance on an attempted murder charge. The public defender’s office is appointed as counsel. The preliminary hearing is scheduled at 1 p.m. on July 31. Bond is set at $100,000 cash only. A no-contact order has been issued for the protected party.

• Steven Lund, of Allison, made an initial appearance on a probation violation charge. The public defender’s office is appointed as counsel. The probation revocation hearing will be scheduled by the District Court. Lund is being held without bond pending the hearing.

• William John Conkel made an initial appearance on a operation without registration charge, a driving under suspension charge, a no valid commercial driver’s license charge and a no insurance charge. A pre-trial conference is scheduled at 9:30 a.m. on Aug. 25 in Magistrate Court.

Property Transfers


• JBI Cooperative Association to Maria Rosaura Moz, 1013 E. Anson St.

• RPM Access LLC to Lucas C. Baedke and Charissa J. Bassett, 3030 120th St., Beaman

• Burke Thomas Aschan, Linda Aschan, Marshall County Sheriff, Midland Funding LLC and Portfolio Recovery Association LLC to Bank of America TR, LaSalle Bank TR, Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc. Mortgage A and US Bank TR, 609 W. Boone St.

• Terri Ann Hannan, Fred B. and Nancy A. VanMetre to Eugene and Harriet Shepard, 1709 Rainbow Drive

• Randall E. and Sandra S. Bishop and Michael D. and Phyllis R. Mazour to Randall E. Bishop and Phyllis R. DeBuhr Mazour, 8 E. Southridge Road

• Jacob A. Baker to Lily Par and Steven Thang, 309 N. Seventh St.

• Hercilia Jamileth Shimon and S. Jamie Shimon to Myanmar American Buddhist Association of Iowa, 2942 240th St.


• Megan L. Assenmacher and Brett A. Umthum to Andrew S. Jennings, 112 N. Eighth St.

• The Estate of Brent C. Casper to Hilary and Kraig Kuhse, 306 Third St., Melbourne

• Rachael McDonald, Rachael and Stephen Smith to Nanette R. Smith, 12 First St., Melbourne

• Elda M. Martinez, Elda M. and Felipe De Jesus Reyes to Joshua A. Lang, 707 N. Third Ave.

• Althea L. and Dean W. Eubanks to Althea L. and Dean W. Eubanks and Chad Eubanks, 109 Bohen St.

• Betty E. and Dennis A. Nuese to Danon L. and Sheri L. Hart, 3097 260th St.

• Carol and Don Bauman to Brad and Jenny Meling, 402 W. Southridge Road

• The Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to April J. Long, 911 May St.

• The Estate of Mary Elizabeth Bell to Jimmie Bell, 411 Main St., St. Anthony

• Marshalltown Sundance Apartments Limited Partnership to Premier Marshalltown Iowa LLC, 1407 S. Seventh Ave.


• The Sheriff of Marshall County and James L. Morford to Farmers Savings Bank, 9 E. Grant St.

• Christine A. and Paul E. Schmidt to Ginger N. and Travis J. Henderson, 2029 340th St., Laurel

• Bonnie M. Bagnall to Diego Firestone, 510 E. Church St., 107 S. Seventh Ave., 504 W. Church St., and 7 N. Sixth St.

• Emily B. and Roger M. Grimes to Roger M. Grimes Trust, Roger M. Grimes, Trustee, 2338 233rd St., and 2323 Highland Acres Road

• Emily B. and Roger M. Grimes to Emily B. Grimes Trust, Emily B. Grimes Trustee, 2338 233rd St.

• Anong McDowell to Nathan M. Dixon, 1509 Greenfield Drive

• Maureen A. and Randall A. Mason to Kristopher Leigh Smith, 1017 S. 10th Ave.

• Delaine M. Aves to Beth A. and Dan J. Smith, 212 Park Ave., Melbourne

Marshalltown Police Department


• On Wednesday, a citizen reported theft from a motor vehicle.


• On Wednesday, Joseph Bown was arrested on a warrant.

• On Wednesday, Kevin Leonard was arrested on a warrant.

Marshall County Sheriff


• On Sunday, Nathan Alan Clark was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.