Daily Record, Dec. 5, 2018

Marshall County Courthouse

Court — Tuesday

• Dalton James See made an initial appearance on a failure to appear for a jury trial charge. Marshon Dubbert will continue as counsel. The jury trial is rescheduled for 9 a.m. on Dec. 13 with the pre-trial conference rescheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 7. Bond will continue as posted until the conclusion of this case.

• Kendra Christine Savage made an initial appearance on a striking unattended vehicle charge. Savage pleaded guilty and the fine is $65 with a $22.75 surcharge and $60 in court costs for a total of $147.75 plus $27 in warrant fees, cue within 30 days.

• Brandon J. Bailey made an initial appearance on a failure to appear for a pre-trial conference charge. Aron Vaughn will continue as counsel. The pre-trial conference will be rescheduled by the District Associate Court. Bailey is released with supervision through the Department of Correctional Services and is to report to the adult probation office within 48 hours to sign a pre-trial release agreement.

Property Transfers

Nov. 29

• Debbie A. and Michael L. Hofert to Eleazar Barajas, 716 W. Madison St.

• EDMIL Inc. to Alan R. Edler and Paul D. Edler, 1837 180th St.

Nov. 30

• Aaron L. and Holly K. Welsh, Holly K. House to Daleen Michel, 206 Palmer St.

• The Estate of Marlene Hartwig to Clair E. Hartwig, 9 1/2 S. 12th St.

• Douglas P. Husak and Donna K. Wind Husak to JBI Cooperative Association, 410 N. Third St.

• Charles E. Lawrence, Charles A. Lawrence to Charles E. and Janea R. Lawrence, 2309 S. Fifth Ave.

• Andy Queck, Annette Susan Queck, Rhonda Vry Bills, Alan Richard Vry, Andrew Vry, Michelle Vry and Tawnya Vry to Gordon W. Finders Jr., 1501 W. Main St.

• WB Real Estate Investors LLC to David and Nikole Bailey, 206 N. Clinton St., Albion

• David Bailey Jr, David Bailey, Nikole A. Bailey to Glenda J. and Robert W. Halladay, 206 N. Clinton St., Albion

Dec. 3

• Jared Alan Corder to Tara J. Berg, Tara J. Hastings, 310 S. Sixth St.

• Cassidy J. and Jefferson G. Simms to Randall L. and Ruth A. Gilgen, 910 Prairie Lane

• Jill M. and Thomas P. Severson to Erik and Kelli Close, 2215 Stratford Lane

• John W. and Patricia Stickfort to Douglas P. Husak and Donna K. Wind, 410 N. Third St.

• Cena Joanne Claypool to Robin and Sharon Claypool, 3207 Merritt Road

• Jerry L. and Teresa K. Coughlin to JBI Cooperative Association, 302 1/2 Bromley St.


Police Department


• On Monday, Honeida Fernandez, 38, was arrested for operating a non-registered vehicle and driving under suspension.

• On Monday, Jenna Williams, 23, was arrested for driving under suspension.

Marshall County Sheriff


• On Monday, Quintin Evans, 24, was arrested for voluntary absence.

Grundy County Sheriff


• On Tuesday, Nov. 27, a vehicle driven by David Zarifis, 68, of Cedar Falls, was northbound on T-55 south of 170th Street when it struck a deer that entered the roadway. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Zarifis vehicle was estimated at $3,500.