Callaghan at the Hotel Pattee

The Hotel Pattee, 1112 Willis Ave., Perry, presents Callaghan Lit By the Sun Dinner and Concert beginning at 7:30 p.m. Cost is $45 per person and the doors will open at 6 p.m. on Jan. 31.

Originally from London, Callaghan was a long-time Shawn Mullins fan. Impulse guided her to contact the Atlanta singer-songwriter through MySpace, and after being knocked out by her music he agreed to a rare collaboration.

Callaghan’s debut album, “Life In Full Colour” (May2012), was tracked in and around Atlanta with Mullins both producing and playing on the record. It was the culmination of a journey which brought the singer-songwriter across the Atlantic from London to live and record in the United States. Its 12 songs introduced Callaghan’s eclectic and dynamic style, combining shades of folk, country, rock and pop into a seamless fusion of feeling and melody. Callaghan has gone on to independently sell over 10,000 albums.

According to In Live Music, “”Callaghan’s voice is stunning, clear and perfect.” Now based in Nashville Callaghan has been working with writers including; Dennis Matkosky, Marc Beeson, Lari White, Angela Kaset and more. Her pioneering coast-to-coast house show tour in May 2013 secured a multi-page feature in Billboard Magazine. This year’s “Callaghan Corner-to-Corner” house show tour took her from Key West to Seattle, and 2015’s 40-date tour is already over-subscribed.

A “History Of Now,” Callaghan’s forthcoming album, is a 12-song gem. Produced by Dennis Matkosky and recorded around Nashville, the record showcases Callaghan’s gift for melody and impactful songwriting in a collection which ranges from uplifting, hooky pop to poignant, mesmerizing ballads. It will be out early 2015. For more information or to make reservations call 515-465-3511 or go to: