Iowa Caucus program at the Hoover Library-Museum


WEST BRANCH – The “History of the Iowa Caucus” program is Nov. 7 at the Hoover Library-Museum. It’s a free event sponsored by the Library-Museum and the University of Iowa. The host is Tim Kraft, Jimmy Carter’s Iowa campaign manager, giving the keynote address, as well as panels of political operatives who have been instrumental in past caucuses, as well as a media panel. Here is what we are going to explore:

Until relatively little known Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter made a surprising first place finish in the Iowa Caucuses in 1976, media had not paid much attention to them. With Carter’s surprising win, he gathered more media attention, ultimately gaining the Democratic nomination for President, and winning the general election over Gerald Ford. How did he do it? And what are some of the unknown stories that can be shared, that will give us insight into the 2016 Caucuses? Kraft will speak on some of the strategies and stories on how it was done.

How do the Democratic and Republican Caucuses differ (they are not the same!)? And why? Sharing the history of the Iowa Caucuses will be Caucus managers Richard Bender and Jeani Murray from the Democratic side, and Eric Woolson from the Republican side in an enlightening panel discussion.

The media perspective on the Iowa Caucuses-what makes a successful campaign, in their eyes, and why? How much of a role does the media play in it? What tried and true strategies will work on 2016, and which will not? David Yepsen, a long time political reporter from the Des Moines Register, O. Kay Henderson, Iowa Public Radio’s news director, and WHO-TV in Des Moines weekend anchor Dave Price, who has recently released his first book, “Caucus Chaos” will join us in a media panel discussion.