Halle Berry downs a half pint of whiskey at Comic-Con panel

SAN DIEGO — Taron Egerton is no match for Channing Tatum in a fight and Halle Berry can hold her liquor.

Those are just a few of the messages Comic-Con audiences got Thursday at the Hall H panel for “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” that kicked off the annual fan convention.

From director Matthew Vaughn, “The Golden Circle” is a sequel to 2014’s hyper-stylized “Kingsman: The Secret Service” about a group of well-tailored and Scotch-loving British super spies. The raucous panel promoting the film went to a new level when Berry downed the half a pint of whiskey that Tatum poured for her in one gulp. Berry and Tatum are new additions to the franchise as American spies called the Statesman.

Berry said her character Ginger is the Statesman equivalent of Mark Strong’s Kingsman Merlin.

“She has hidden depths,” Berry teased. “I’m just going to say that.”

Audiences also saw a few sequences from the film, including one where Egerton faces off against Tatum’s Kentucky cowboy Agent Tequila in a bourbon distillery and loses.

“I am nothing in terms of strength compared to one Channing Tatum,” Egerton laughed. “All I will say is don’t get in a fight with Channing Tatum.”