Civil War cannon part of historic hallway at IVH

A Civil War cannon built in 1862 is the centerpiece of a permanent military artifacts display at the Iowa Veterans Home.

The cannon is located near the south entrance of Malloy Hall in a hallway full of historical items.

“It’s a focal point of the display and people like to stop and look at it,” said Wayne Pierson, education specialist at IVH.

The cannon is known as the Napoleon, named for a nephew of Napoleon I. It was made by the Revere Copper Company, which was started by Paul Revere in the early 1800s.

Other items in this display area at IVH include old uniforms, medals and photographs in a group of several display cases.

One item in a display case that catches a lot of attention is an honorable discharge certificate from the Army that was signed by President Abraham Lincoln. The discharge certificate was for John Nagle and dated Dec. 15, 1864.

“There’s a lot of people who want to see that signature,” Pierson said. “It’s definitely an original signature of Abraham Lincoln.”