Law enforcement prevents man from jumping from overpass

The U.S. Highway 30 bridge over South Center Street in Marshalltown was the scene of a nearly-fatal incident Monday morning. A man sat on the edge of the bridge and was threatening to jump off. Marshalltown Police officers and Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies rushed to the scene after receiving phone calls from concerned onlookers.

“I’m very proud of [the officers’] work,” said Marshalltown Police Chief Michael Tupper. “Thankfully, we had a group of dedicated law enforcement officers on the scene.”

Tupper said the situation did not look good when police first arrived.

“The negotiations initially didn’t go well,” he said, adding the man on the ledge threatened to leap more than once. The police then devised a plan to get the man to safety.

“The police officers took heroic actions,” Tupper said.

Officers were able to position themselves so as to get a hold of the man. Once they had a grip on him, they got him back onto the bridge.

“The professionalism and downright heroic performance ensured safety for everyone involved,” Tupper said.

“I am thankful for the concerned people who called,” he added, saying the early warnings were what allowed officers to respond to the life-or-death situation.


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