MHS senior known for his academics and athleticism

Name: Zach Howell

Grade: Twelfth

School: Marshalltown High School

Parents: Jackie and Clifton Howell

Special Interests: Fitness and sports

Zach Howell, 17, a senior at Marshalltown High School, is one of those types of students teachers relish the opportunity to have in class and work with in extracurriculars.

“I look forward to having Zach in my class everyday. He’s a fun guy, participates, asks great questions, and is always reaching out to new students – teachers appreciate that,” said Spanish instructor James Christensen. “He makes nearly everyone in class smile nearly every day, and he’s one of our best Spanish readers.”

“You’ve got to make the whole class comfortable so they will learn together,” Zach said.

Zach, the youngest of five children, balances the role of student, friend and athlete. He spends most of his free time exercising, mainly through running and playing soccer. He is a 120-pound varsity wrestler and plays forward and left wing positions in soccer.

“I like coming to school to learn, see friends and play sports,” Zach said.

His favorite classes in school are science, Spanish and physical education. Upon graduating in the spring, he plans to attend Midland University in Nebraska to study sports and physical training.

“After I get my college degree I plan to return to Marshalltown or Des Moines and open up a sports training business,” Zach said.

His advice to fellow students is straight-forward, yet poignant.

“Stay out of trouble, but make sure you have fun and enjoy the little things,” he said.


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