Fourth grader is a ‘go-getter’

Known for going the extra mile

T-R PHOTO BY SARA JORDAN-HEINTZ Gabby Estabrook, 9, a fourth grader at St. Francis Catholic School, is known for her social skills and studious manner. She enjoys math, reading, music and sports. She would like to work with dogs as a future career.

Gaby Estabrook, 9, a fourth grader at St. Francis Catholic School, is the type of student who helps make the learning experience enjoyable for fellow classmates.

“She tries to be very welcoming and help out,” said teacher Monica Boone. “She’s a good leader and solves social problems with friends. There’s a good rapport.”

While Gaby likes to socialize at school, she’s careful to balance that with completing her studies. She most enjoys math class, where she is learning about division. Her favorite genre of book is fiction. The student takes piano lessons, plays volleyball and does swim team. In her spare time, she plays with her black lab Duke, listens to Taylor Swift music and watches movies. She also likes to travel.

“We go on big trips with my grandparents,” Gaby said. “I’ve been to South Dakota, Disney World, Texas and Yellowstone and will go to Washington, D.C. next summer.”

She said her dream destinations include New York City and Paris.

Gaby isn’t entirely sure what she would like to be when she grows up, but she could see herself grooming and caring for dogs.

“She doesn’t do only what’s required. People see she’s a go-getter and right there participating,” Boone said. “She is always smiling and eager to learn.”


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