Supervisors approve service proposal, secondary roads contracts

Several annual resolutions approved


The second meeting of the Marshall County Board of Supervisors in 2017 on Tuesday morning saw several resolutions, two secondary road contracts and a planned service proposal passed.

The two secondary roads contracts accepted at Tuesday’s meeting were similar in nature, each concerning the replacement of a bridge in the county.

“We did have four bidders on this project,” said County Engineer Paul Geilenfeldt of awarding the BROS-C064(124)–8J-64 contract to Peterson Contractors Inc. of Reinbeck. “The low bid was substantially lower than the second lowest bid.”

Geilenfeldt said the county was “fortunate” to have Peterson Contractors as a bidder, as the second-lowest bid was over $100,000 higher than the accepted project price-tag of $454,568.60 to replace bridge D-20 in the 1400 mile of 155th St.

The second accepted contract, also through Peterson Contractors, consists of a $440,859.16 project to replace bridge M-14 in the 1100 mile of 320th St.

Geilenfeldt said both projects were let by the Iowa Department of Transportation in Ames on Dec. 20, 2016

Thompson said property tax payers will not “foot the bill” for these projects. The first contracted project will see funding through the Federal Bridge funds and Local Bridge funds and the second contract through Federal Bridge funds and Farm-to-Market funds.

A planned service proposal from Johnson Controls was approved for the Marshall County Courthouse during the meeting as well.

“This is just a renewal to a service agreement that we’ve had with them (Johnson Controls) since our new air handlers and chillers have been installed,” said County Buildings and Grounds Director Lucas Baedke. “They will do a spring startup, a summer check-up and a fall shutdown on our chiller.”

He called their work “routine maintenance” and said his department has already been working well with the company. The agreement is set to last from Jan. 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2019. The cost for the first year of service is set at $3,210.

Additionally, a total of six “routine” resolutions were passed by the supervisors.

“There are going to be a number of these (resolutions) that we are going to talk about today that we do every year,” said Board Chair Bill Patten of the resolutions.

One such item, Resolution #2017-0001, had to do with construction evaluation for animal confinement buildings.

“What this particular one (resolution) does is, if there is an application for a confinement… it gives the Board of Supervisors the ability to have some input in that action,” said Board Vice Chair Dave Thompson. “It gives us a little bit of ability to have more of a voice for a county.”

Several other resolutions passed Tuesday gave Geilenfeldt the ability to perform certain actions within the authority of his department without coming before the board to do so.

Authorized actions like putting up embargo signs for maximum loads on certain roadways in certain conditions or authorizing blanket road closures under Iowa Code 306.41 requirements were outlined in the approved resolutions.

A discussion on off-highway vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles, also took place at the meeting. County resident Jarrod Ulery gave his opinion of why the board should consider an ordinance regulating the off-highway vehicles in the county.

“There’s really not a lot of places for us to ride,” he said. “There are 16 counties right now that have adopted an ordinance to allow them (riders) to ride on secondary roads, they’re not allowed to go on four-lanes and highways.”

Ulery said many counties will allow crossing at a secondary highway and allow going down a byway to get to the next secondary road.

No action was taken by the board on the matter of an ordinance for off-highway vehicles Tuesday.

The board also cancelled the Tuesday, Dec. 26 regular session meeting later this year to Wednesday, Dec. 27 to adhere to the county’s floating holiday on Dec. 26.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting is set for 9 a.m. Jan. 24 in meeting room no. 2 on the third floor of the Marshall County Courthouse, 1 E. Main St.