15 Minutes


Resides: Marshalltown

Hometown: I was born in Grinnell, and raised in Laurel, Gilman, Haverhill and Marshalltown.


Family: I have two sisters — Chris and Shelly — with me the middle child.

Pets: Maggie — a six year old “rescue” cat from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in Des Moines. She has been part of my life for five years.

Hobbies and interests: Spending time with my family, the Lord, photography, reading and working out.


Occupation: I spent most of my career at Iowa Valley Community College District as a payroll accountant. Currently employed at Marshalltown’s Emerson Process Management/Fisher Controls International as staff accountant.


Books: The Bible. Additionally, I enjoy reading self-help books. My favorite authors of that genre are Dr. John Townsend and Henry Cloud. I enjoy John Grisham titles to “escape.”

Foods: Chocolate chip pancakes, liver, fish, hamburgers, potatoes and all varieties of fruit. Cheesecake is my first dessert choice.

Movies: One of my all-time favorite films is “Mrs. Doubtfire” directed by Chris Columbus. No matter what is going on in my life, I will find myself laughing and enjoying the moment that delightful film offers. Otherwise, I enjoy war and action titles. Actor Robert DeNiro is tops in my book.

Sports: I prefer to watch sports rather than participate. Consequently, favorite sports memories are those of watching my nephews Aaron and Austin Hauser playing for the Marshalltown High School Bobcats. Currently, I enjoy watching the Minnesota Twins of Major League Baseball and the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. I enjoy watching other teams too.


Best part of living here: Family and friends. My heart would love to live in a bigger city, but family and friends keep me in Marshalltown.

Most influential people: My aunt Sandee and uncle Don Fields. They opened my heart to accept our Lord Jesus Christ. Having done so has allowed me to set my life on a positive path for the future and eternal life.

Local involvement: I attend Marshalltown’s New Hope Christian Church. Previously, I was involved with their card ministry and today active with the Mighty Warriors program. Time permitting, I would love to volunteer and work with animals. I have an undying love for all animals.

Advice on life: Build a life on Jesus’ teaching and one will have a solid foundation. You will prevail regardless what is encountered.


15 Minutes is a Saturday feature about Central Iowans. The question and answer format lends itself be completed or read in 15 minutes or less. To submit a name for consideration, or to participate, contact Times-Republican Staff and Features Reporter Mike Donahey at 641-753-6611 or mdonahey@timesrepublican.com.