Edits to Iowa regulator’s bio remove link to firm

IOWA CITY — The Iowa Utilities Board has edited the online biography of Chairwoman Geri Huser to remove language that called her a partner in a family law firm.

Huser’s biography said she was a partner in the Skinner Law Office until last week, when The Associated Press reported that she’s performed extensive legal work while on the state payroll. Board spokesman Don Tormey said Tuesday that the biography was inaccurate and Huser hasn’t been a partner in the firm since 2011, when she sold her ownership stake. Huser’s financial disclosure form instead calls her an “attorney” for the firm, as do scores of recent court filings. Her brother runs the firm.

The biographical changes — first reported by the Bleeding Heartland blog — remove any mention of the Skinner firm but note that Huser works as a private lawyer.