Mega-10 Park ribbon-cutting on June 29

T-R PHOTO BY SARA JORDAN-HEINTZ During Wednesday afternoon’s Parks and Rec. Advisory Committee meeting, Director Anne Selness (left) took committee members on a tour of Mega-10 Park, which has recently undergone a massive updating and renovating process. Committee member Kim Barnes (right) said she was amazed at the end result of the project.

Upgrading Mega-10 Park, located adjacent to the Marshalltown Aquatic Center, has been a community-wide effort. On Thursday, June 29, Marshalltown Parks and Recreation will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the grounds of the park from 4-6 p.m.

The efforts in upgrading the park was the topic of Wednesday afternoon’s Parks and Rec. Advisory Committee meeting, whereby Parks and Rec. Director Anne Selness gave advisory committee members a tour of the park and its new features.

“Our goal was to make Mega-10 Park a destination and showplace for Marshalltown,” Selness said.

The Iowa Valley Leadership class of 2017 selected the park as its class project, and the 29 members of the class spent months raising money, marketing the project and helping to install the children’s garden.

Funds for this project were pooled from the City of Marshalltown Capital Improvement Funds ($75,000), and the Mega-10 Board of Directors ($15,000), requiring Parks and Recreation to raise $226,661 through grants and fundraising efforts to make up the difference.

“We were able to stay within our budget,” Selness said.

The park is now home to a gravity rail, a zipline, new playground equipment, a children’s fitness area and a children’s discovery garden, complete with colorful flowers and tomato, pepper, bean and corn plants. The train caboose located in the park was recently given a fresh coat of paint by members of the National Association of Retired & Veteran Railway Employees. Still to be installed is a children’s free little library and some additional paths in the garden. Also, one more piece is needed before the zipline will be operational, expected to happen by mid-July.

Advisory committee member Kim Barnes said she was amazed at the end result of this months-long project.

“It’s amazing. I can’t believe how big it is,” she said. “I really think it’s a world-class park that will draw visitors from other towns. We have equipment here you can’t find everywhere.”

The ribbon-cutting ceremony is open to the public. All Mega-10 Park donors, volunteers and members of the Iowa Valley Leadership class are encouraged to attend, as well as the children and families who helped paint the wooden pickets surrounding the garden.

“People can complete a survey about Marshalltown’s parks, meet the design team and experience the new improvements to the Mega-10 Park at the ribbon-cutting ceremony,” Selness said.

The 2018-2028 Strategic Master Plan for the park system will also be unveiled during the ribbon-cutting.

To learn more, contact Selness at or 641-754-5715, ext. 141.