Moore inducted into Hall of Fame

TR Photo by Mike Burvee The 2017 Central Iowa Fair board inducted one member into it’s honorary Hall of Fame on Wednesday night. Perry Moore was awarded this years plaque after nearly 40 years of contributions to making the Fair what is seen today.

An outstanding history paired with contributions made to the fair led to his selection.

On Hall of Fame night at the Central Iowa Fair an honor was bestowed upon Perry Moore. He was inducted into this years Hall of Fame.

Moore had contributed in numerous ways over nearly 40 years to make the fair what it is today.

What began in 1980, as a rodeo promoter, grew into much larger roles over the years. By 1989 he named Executive board member for the fair and up until present day has served in some sort of role every year.

Behind steady leadership and being involved with many projects, he attained the role of President of the fair board, which he held from 2001-2008.

“He’s been a fundamental part of shaping the fair,” said Denny Grabenbauer, who handed out the award. “He was never shy in helping when needed, including using his own money.”

Two particular instances that Grabenbauer noted were when Moore achieved the means to sell alcohol at the fair, which opened the door for more profits and vendors.

Another instance is when Moore reached out to Toby Kruse to promote the Marshalltown Speedway. Kruse is considered one of the best promoters in the country and with the two teaming up they provided what the speedway needed.

Moore took it upon himself to help raise over $300,000 for improvements to the speedway, a major contribution that still benefits the community today.

“His goal was to make sure everyone was happy and had the best time,” Grabenbauer said.


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