Editor’s Note: Portions of this column were previously published in January, 2012. Some information updated.



Marshalltown — I moved here in September 1963, as a result of my father’s transfer to the since-closed Dunham-Bush.


After 54 years, it should be Marshalltown, but born in Mt. Kisco, N.Y. and resided in Croton Falls and Brewster N.Y., until moving to Marshalltown.


Single, and my only relations live outside of Iowa. Special friends residing locally include Nancy Adams and Jeff Braddock, Nancy’s son Levi Castle, and Denny and Barb Grabenbauer.


Cats Andi, Guido and Ozzy.

Hobbies and interests:

I am a long-time U.S. coinage collector. Also, I developed a strong interest in Marshalltown history after doing an eighth-grade civics class report. I posses an extensive collection of Marshalltown memorabilia and research material such as Polk City directories, maps, photos, newspapers and telephone directories. I learned to read before attending kindergarten and books have always been of special interest to me. I usually am reading two simultaneously.


Presently retired due to kidney transplant 21 years ago. While researching family health, I became hooked on genealogy. I do volunteer work for Italian Genealogy Group in New York, viewing old records and entering into databases. I also operate an information and research service doing genealogical, historic and personal searches. I also serve on Marshalltown’s Planning and Zoning Commission and the Site, Plan and Review Board. Along with Deb and Rich Fiser, I help administrate two Facebook sites devoted to Marshalltown’s past; “I Grew Up In Marshall County” and “If You Are From Marshalltown.”


Books: Many, especially biographies or historical books.

Movies: Too many to list, but include “Chinatown” and most all with Lizabeth Scott. Big fan of “cowboy and western” films too.

Foods: Considering my Sicilian heritage, Italian would be among the top. Here in Marshalltown favorites include Zeno’s, Sub City and Cecil’s. Breakfast or Pizza are always good! Sub City has the closest match to an “East coast-style” sandwich.

Most influential person: A tough question to answer — most everyone in my life has influenced me in one way or another and I’m still learning today. Some with the greatest influence are parents, school teachers like Irene Iverson, Alice Pfander and Don Weatherman and business folks like Ken Wise, Bernal Avey, Dale Andrews and Tom Snider.

Advice on life: Someone told me a long time ago to listen carefully to what someone says to you and especially remember their name.


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