Boulton brings message to Marshalltown

Candidate talks labor unions, criticizes Reynolds during his stump speech

T-R PHOTO BY ADAM SODDERS Democratic candidate for governor and current state Sen. Nate Boulton brought a pro-union message to UFCW Local 1149 Tuesday morning. The attorney said he would fight for the rights of union workers if he’s elected governor.


A pro-labor union message was touted by Democratic candidate for governor and current state Sen. Nate Boulton during a visit to United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1149 Tuesday morning.

“When we look at what our opportunity is in 2018, the labor movement in particular has a lot at stake,” the Hedberg and Boulton P.C. attorney said to about 20 gathered UFCW members. “We just watched, through this last legislative session, exactly where … Gov. Kim Reynolds and her priorities have been.”

That focus, Boulton argued, has not been on working families and labor unions in the state. He noted changes made to Chapter 20 of the Iowa Code and to worker’s compensation as examples.

“We watched as they pushed through an agenda that told every public union member that they are entitled to lesser and fewer rights in the workplace,” Boulton said. “They pushed through an agenda that limited recoveries for people who are injured at work.”

He said workers at meat-packing plants, like JBS, Swift and Co., are at particular risk for shoulder injuries in the workplace. Many Local 1149 members work at JBS.

“When we think about the injuries that happen in meat-packing operations across this state, shoulder injuries are very common, and often times career-ending, when they’re serious,” Boulton said.

Local 1149 President Roger Kail announced to the group that the union had endorsed Boulton’s campaign for governor.

“Boy, do we need him,” Kail said. “I’ve got four kids, and they bring his name up all the time.”

He said Boulton has fought hard for unions, including the UFCW, in his work as an attorney.

“When I ask these guys about Nate, and supporting him, the first question out of their mouth is … is he young?” Kail said of the 37-year-old candidate. “He could be governor for years.”

Boulton is one of seven Democrats and 13 total candidates running for governor in 2018.


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