‘The Villager’ clean-up under way

A crew from Lansing Brothers Construction Co. of Luxemburg is pictured cleaning-up debris Wednesday from The Villager apartment building site in the 100 block of North Center Street. On May 5, a late-evening fire of undetermined origin destroyed the three-story structure. All 14 residents escaped unharmed. No firefighters or law enforcement personnel were hurt combatting the blaze. Standing walls were demolished several days later for safety. At one time the building — constructed in the 1880s — stood out, said local historian Jay Carollo. “The building had historic significance because it was an early hospital,” he said. “It was once know as Dr. Wilson’s Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Infirmary … years before the first Marshalltown hospital — Evangelical Deaconess — opened in 1914.”