Grimes Farm wood burning session slated for Nov. 1

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO On Wednesday, Nov. 1 from 6-8:30 p.m., the final installment in the “Naturally Artistic” series will be held at Grimes Farm, with the topic of wood burning. Participants can make either a coaster, wall decoration or jewelry. The event costs $15, with registration required by Oct. 20.

Grimes Farm’s final installment in its year-long “Naturally Artistic” art series will be held Wednesday, Nov. 1 from 6-8:30 p.m., with the focus of wood burning.

“Pyrography, also known as the art of wood burning, literally means ‘writing with fire’ and it is a fun way to enhance the natural beauty of wood,” said Naturalist Emily Herring who will be leading the instruction.

Participants will get to work on one project, choosing from the following options: coasters, birch bark wall decorations, or jewelry, namely, earrings and a bracelet.

“It’s a unique art form. I have been wood burning for five years, and I like giving these pieces as gifts — they’re something people usually don’t receive,” Herring said.

Attendees will first be taught the basics of wood burning, and will be given scrap pieces of wood to test out their designs.

“I will show them how to transfer an image onto wood. It can be a design, a name or a quote, etc.,” Herring said. “If you have an image in mind, please bring it along, or you can free hand. I will also have templates.”

Herring noted the wood that is best to use is fine-grain and light in color. Oak and birch will be the types used in the session.

People who do not complete their projects during that allotted time may be able to borrow one of the wood burning tools provided by Grimes Farm.

Herring said Grimes Farm plans to offer similar art programing in 2018.

“All of our ‘Naturally Artistic’ sessions were well-received, and I plan to include artwork into our programing, as art naturally ties in with the environment,” she said.

The cost is $15 per person. All supplies will be provided. Registration and payment are required by Oct. 20. For more information, Herring may be reached at: 641-844-2833 or 641-752-5490 and


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