Man tries to grab MPD officer’s gun



A Marshalltown man was arrested after he attempted to grab a Marshalltown police officer’s weapon.

According to Marshalltown Police Department Capt. Mike Hanken, a call was received about a domestic disturbance between a man and a woman Monday evening in the 100 block of North 11th Avenue.

After authorities arrived on scene, Eric Yovani Mendez, 20, allegedly reached for Officer Jacob Fogt’s gun, attempting to pull the weapon out of Fogt’s holster.

Fogt and a paramedic on scene were able to restrain Mendez and he was taken to a local hospital and later transported to the Marshall County Jail.

Hanken said while Mendez had grabbed hold of the grip on Fogt’s gun while Fogt and the paramedic were walking Mendez down a flight of stairs, at no point did he ever have control of the weapon since it was locked in place in Fogt’s holster.

Hanken said situational awareness is key at all times for law enforcement officers and incidents like this are a “reminder to make sure your weapon is secure.”

Mendez was initially charged with disarming a peace officer and simple domestic abuse assault.

But the disarming a peace officer charge was later dropped. The court noted on Tuesday that Mendez is currently the subject of an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) investigation and remains in custody at the jail.