Parks and Rec 10-year master plan unveiled

Marshalltown Parks and Recreation staff now know what local residents expect of the department for the next 10 years.

Meeting in city council chambers recently, consultants, city staff, local elected officials and residents reviewed the 2018-28 Strategic Master Plan.

It was presented by Casey Byers and Shannon Gapp from Bolten and Menk, and included:

• Summary of parks, open space, trails and recreation inventory.

• Summary of public input and analysis of community needs and values regarding parks and recreation amenities locally.

• Recommendations for improving parks and recreation.

• Descriptions of how the city can improve accessibility, reduce maintenance, diversify park amenities and improve operations, among others.

“The report will serve as a guide for how the city approaches future improvements to parks, trails and recreation, as well as how to allocate funds and resources for the department,” said Parks and Recreation Director Anne Selness. “Final edits will be made and it will go to city council for adoption at its regular meeting Nov. 13.

Byers and Gapp said they would take final comments until Nov. 1 and it will be available on the city website this week.”

Selness said staff are working to implement parts of the plan such as budgeting for the next several years for specific projects, taking into account the plan’s priority parks and priority projects. This new road map will streamline how we pick projects and which ones were most important to residents.

More than 1,000 people responded to the surveys.

“We were thrilled with the number of people who participated,” said Selnes. “Marshalltown residents care about their parks, trails and recreation programs. The department is committed to providing superb recreational opportunities that enhance the quality of life for people of all ages and abilities. In addition, safe, accessible parks, trails and recreation facilities are essential for fostering active healthy communities and benefiting local economies. People prefer to live in communities that provide quality of life features.”

For more information, contact Selness at 641-754-5715, or aselness@marshalltown.ia.ci.us or Facebook: Marshalltown Parks and Recreation Department or marshalltownparkandrec.com.


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