City election numbers are now official


Results from last week’s city elections across Marshall County have been canvassed and certified as official.

On Tuesday, the Marshall County Auditor’s office reported the following candidates were declared winners in their respective elective contests:


Mayor: John Henze, 28 votes.

Council (elect 5): Kim Dostal, 32 votes; Eric Eirikson, 31 votes; Jordan Hinkle, 31 votes; Eric Schmidt, 29 votes; Patrick Hemming, 26 votes.


Mayor: Chad Affeldt, 36 votes.

Council (elect 5): Cammie Voss, 40 votes; Tamra Muschick, 39 votes; Glen Leeper, 33 votes; Chad Weaver Sr., 31 votes; Tammy Hinders, 30 votes.


Mayor: Dale L. Thompson, 30 votes.

Council (elect 5): Michael D. Good, 31 votes; Rick Burchard, 29 votes; Doug McKay, 29 votes; Glenda F. Thompson, 28 votes; Ellen McKay, 27 votes.


Council (elect 2): Benjamin Fuller, 42 votes; Kathy Nissen, 41 votes.

Council (one to fill vacancy): Kent Cross, 7 votes.


Council (elect 2): Katie Vogeler, 13 votes; Matt Stalzer, 7 votes.


Council (elect 3): Rusty Aman, 28 votes; Darrell Bartlett, 25 votes; Susanne Sietmann, 14 votes.

Le Grand

Mayor: Jay Wyatt, 36 votes.

Council (elect 2): Christopher Wayne Kadner, 68 votes; Shawn Hoskins, 13 votes.


Mayor: Hank Penner, 58 votes.

Council (elect 2): Blake Matney, 53 votes; Ted Gunderson, 46 votes.


Mayor: Joel Greer, 1,356 votes.

Council First Ward: Sue Cahill, 162 votes.

Council Third Ward: Mike Gowdy, 702 votes.

Council at-large (elect 2): Bethany Wirin, 1,255 votes; Bill Martin, 1,145 votes.


Mayor: John White, 46 votes.

Council (elect 2): Vickie A. Stahl, 47 votes; David Gibbs, 44 votes.


Council (elect 2): Brandon Buck, 22 votes; Jessica Armstrong, 20 votes.

State Center

Mayor: Steven Sodders, 183 votes.

Council (elect 3): Brett Nichols, 191 votes; Lee Wilkinson, 158 votes; Terry Shaffar, 132 votes.

St. Anthony

Mayor: Sam Bryant, 11 votes.

Council (elect 5): Shawn Bryant, 11 votes; Duane Bryant, 11 votes; George Prescott Jr., 11 votes; Galen Davis, 11 votes; Dennis Bryant, 11 votes.