Lenihan student shows enthusiasm for learning

Sees a future as an engineer

T-R PHOTO BY SARA JORDAN-HEINTZ Camille Ceren, 11, a fifth grader at Lenihan Intermediate School, is a friendly, conscientious, and hardworking student. She enjoys reading, dancing, playing the flute, and softball. She would like to be an engineer someday.

Camille Ceren, 11, a fifth grader at Lenihan Intermediate School, has a passion for obtaining knowledge.

“Camille shows outstanding enthusiasm for learning and is so humble. She comes to school every single day with a smile on her face and eager to learn,” said instructor Alaina Severson. “She’s just a pleasure to work with and a friend to everyone. She goes above and beyond anything you ask her to do.”

Camille works at an advanced grade level, and participates in her school’s Extended Learning Program (XLP).

“We just do all types of topics,” the student said. “Right now we’re working on the ‘Battle of the Books (reading competition). My team won last year.”

The fifth grader is also a member of Ricochet, a group that helps youth build leadership skills.

“In Ricochet we help our community, and right now, we’re doing a food drive for the Emergency Food Box,” she noted.

While she prefers fictional stories, she does like them to be realistic in nature.

“I like stories that could be real, but aren’t,” she explained. “My favorite book is ‘Because of Mr. Terupt.’ The teacher and kids go through this adventure. They weren’t friends [at first] but were after.”

When not busy with her studies, Camille is out for dance, namely, jazz, tap, and ballet classes. She plays softball in the warmer months. She just started playing the flute this year, noting her enjoyment of the instrument.

“I love it,” she said.

When the student grows up, she would like to be an engineer.

“I want to be an engineer and design playgrounds and roller coasters. I then could go on the rides for free,” she said.


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