A 911 discussion

Proposed budget, safety cameras, 28E agreement discussed at 911 Service Board meeting

The December Marshall County 911 Service Board meeting brought discussion on a variety of topics Thursday evening, from safety cameras to the proposed 2018-19 budget to a 911 service agreement.

Marshall County Communications Center Director Teresa Lang said the proposed budget is split between telephone surcharge dollars and funding from the county and the City of Marshalltown.

“The bottom line is still $300,000, we’re still not expecting any more surcharge dollars than we had last year,” she said of the telephone surcharge funding. “You do see we’ve got a salaries and benefits number … $992,412.”

The salaries and benefits portion is split between the city and county at 62 percent and 38 percent, respectively.

Combined, the total proposed budget comes to $1,292,412. The proposal did not come to a vote Thursday, and an approval vote is set for the Jan. 11 board meeting.

If approved, Lang said a public hearing on the budget would be set for sometime in February.

Also discussed was a proposed 911 services 28E agreement among the city, county, 911 Board and the Local Emergency Management Commission (LEMC). If approved, the agreement would create the Marshall County Communications Commission, which would oversee a levy for the estimated $992,412 salaries and benefits portion of the 911 budget.

The agreement was tabled at the LEMC and Marshall County Board of Supervisors meetings in November. The LEMC is comprised largely of city mayors and their designated representatives.

“They tabled it to read through, take back to their city councils; I believe there are two cities that need to do that,” Elder said of the last LEMC meeting, adding a special meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. Dec. 27 at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

The city and 911 Board have already signed off on the 28E agreement. The current 911 emergency services agreement expires on June 30, 2018.

“The county and the city have both approved resolutions that terminate the existing (911) agreement,” said Marshalltown Mayor and 911 Board Chairman Jim Lowrance. “We would have to start over drafting a new 28E agreement, or make changes to the one that’s already been approved and run it through the process again, I think.”

Elder added it’s possible a temporary agreement could be made in the short term.

“If there was only the need to get something started by July 1 (of 2018), I think there’s that option of doing a temporary one to at least keep the funding rolling like it is now,” she said.

Lowrance said despite the agreement being tabled by two of the four signatories, he thinks there is agreement on the idea behind the proposal.

“I believe most everybody is in agreement that this is the right step to take … we just have a couple of little bumps in the road that we’ve got to iron out,” he said. “We’ll get that done.”

The meeting also brought an update on the Marshall County Crimestoppers safety cameras in Marshalltown.

“We did get all the Crimestoppers cameras installed here in town, so everything’s working and recording,” said Racom Local Service Manager Clint Schlabaugh.

Marshalltown Police Chief Mike Tupper said there are three cameras active in town: one at the intersection of Center Street and Anson Street, one at the intersection of Anson Street and 3rd Avenue, and one behind the Marshalltown City Centre.

He said the cameras have already helped law enforcement.

“The first day they were live, it was a motor vehicle crash,” Tupper said. “It was one driver says one thing, the other driver says another thing, and we had it on camera, so that resolved quickly.”

He also said the cameras are being used to help in an active investigation.

“We actually have an active theft investigation and we think we captured that suspect leaving the scene of the crime on one of the camera systems,” Tupper said.

Another action taken Thursday was the rotation of executive board members, including the board chairperson. Lowrance’s term as board chairman expired, and board of supervisors Chairman Bill Patten will replace him.

The next Marshall County 911 Service Board meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. Jan. 11 at the Marshalltown Police Department, 22 N. Center St.


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