‘Blessed with amazing students’

MHS English teacher receives Golden Apple Award

T-R PHOTO BY ADAM SODDERS A look of surprise spread over the face of Marshalltown High School English teacher Kathaleen Hale Tuesday morning as she was named this month’s WHO-HD Golden Apple Award winner. Several students submitted their positive experiences with Hale, who teachers high school juniors and seniors. The award ceremony came during an MHS pep rally at the Roundhouse.

A look of happy surprise spread across Marshalltown High School English teacher Kathaleen Hale’s face when the announcement rang through the Roundhouse Tuesday morning, followed by an eruption of cheers from the student body.

She received this month’s Golden Apple Award from WHO-HD Channel 13 and IMT Insurance. The ceremony was held during a winter sports pep rally, and it was a secret to Hale up until the announcement.

“I think this is about them, this says more about them than it does about me,” she said in response to receiving the small, glittering, golden award. “They’re pretty easy to care for, and that’s what I think it’s about: caring for them.”

Continuing in the pep rally spirit, Hale kicked off a performance of “Go, Bobcats, Go!” with MHS cheerleaders, dancing and singing to the tune. The performance was well-received by the students in the bleachers surrounding the gym floor.

The Golden Apple award is given to a teacher after students submit letters about why their teacher deserves the recognition. An award is given to one teacher each month of the school year, according to the WHO-TV website.

During the ceremony, portions of the student letters were shared.

“This teacher impacted me in a way nobody else has ever done,” one portion read, while another said “She is one of those teachers that make you feel like they genuinely care about you, and always make(s) sure everyone in her classroom is taken care of.”

Hale praised her students’ work and willingness to learn.

“I am so grateful for this recognition … I think that I have been blessed with amazing students who are unique and wonderful in themselves,” she said, adding that teaching can be “a hard thing, but rewarding and wonderful.”

Hale’s Golden Apple recognition follows that of MHS Student Resource Specialist Scott Johannes in February of 2015.

For more information on the award, visit whotv.com/on-air/golden-apple/


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