Calling potential councilors

Process begins to fill upcoming second ward vacancy

Citizens from Marshalltown’s second ward interested in public service now have an opportunity to replace Mayor-elect Joel Greer on the Marshalltown City Council in January of 2018.

“You would submit a letter of interest,” said Marshalltown City Administrator Jessica Kinser on the application process to be appointed to the second ward council seat. “We’re just looking to verify the basics.”

She said the applicant’s name and address should be included in letters of interest, adding it’s likely applicants will be asked about their interest in being appointed to the second ward seat during council interviews.

“There is no application, it is your letter of interest that is your application,” she said. “Once you fill that out, then that means that you are going to be part of the interviewing process should you continue to be part of it.”

The letters of interest must be submitted to the city administrator’s office, 24 N. Center St., by 5 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 28. Applicants must be from the second ward, which covers primarily the northwest quadrant of Marshalltown.

After letters of interest are collected, Kinser said council interviews are set to commence in early January. No exact date or time has yet been decided for the interviews, but Kinser suggested Jan. 3, 4 or 5.

“I have not heard from all council members yet, so I don’t have anything scheduled,” she said.

Once all the interviews are complete and an appointee has been picked, Kinser said the seat could be filled as early as Jan. 8.

“Ideally, what would happen is on Jan. 8, there will be a resolution formalizing that appointment of whoever the person is,” she said. “That would be basically the first item of the meeting, and then the city clerk could swear that person in and they could take their seat immediately and participate in that meeting.”

Kinser said it will be important to have a full council in January.

“We want a full compliment of the city council to really start the budget process and to be present starting at the beginning of the year,” she said.

The upcoming vacancy comes less than a year after the council appointed a replacement for late First Ward Councilor Bob Schubert. At that time, Dan Kester was selected as the appointee; he subsequently was defeated in the Nov. 7 city election by Sue Cahill.

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