Candles galore

Kathy Anzis of Marshalltown has a passion for collecting Christmas candles, and her collection of around 1,400 of these candles is currently on display inside the Marshalltown Mall, now through the first of the year. She has added around 60 candles this year to her burgeoning collection. “I like putting these up on display every year at the mall, because it would be a shame to leave them at home. They get people into the holiday mood,” Anzis said. AT LEFT: Snowmen, Santas, penguins, nutcrackers, gingerbread, gumdrops, nativities, angels, trees, boots, reindeer and bears of all shapes, sizes, facial expressions, conditions and brands abound. Her candles range in age from having been brand new nearly 30 years ago to recent finds from dollar stores. Anzis started collecting Christmas candles 27 years ago.