Eighth grader is self-motivated

Works hard to achieve her goals

T-R PHOTO BY SARA JORDAN-HEINTZ Tania Gonzalez, 13, has improved her reading and writing skills, and has developed an enthusiasm for learning. She enjoys helping her fellow classmates. She sees a future as either a doctor or a teacher.

Tania Gonzalez, 13, began her eighth grade year at Miller Middle School struggling with reading and writing. But now, she exudes confidence in completing her work.

“I used to hate reading and writing and now I like them,” Tania said.

She not only has improved her skills, but she takes her knowledge and assists fellow students.

“I like to collaborate with people and help them,” she noted.

The pupil is popular with her teachers, who all noted her kindness towards others and her work ethic.

“Tania is a very hard worker. She has done her best to overcome obstacles and to be proud of her achievements. She is very goal-driven and friendly to her peers. She comes in early, and stays after school,” said instructor Anita Ringgenberg.

The student said she and her best friend Amber work on homework together.

“We work on a problem and review it, and if we get different answers, we start over,” the eighth grader said.

Spending time with her friends is an important element in her life, and she tries to balance her social life with her studies.

“She does a great job navigating the social aspects of middle school,” said social studies instructor Brett Comegys. “She has friends and gets along with people without letting those relationships take her off course.”

Tania spends her free time going to movies with friends and shopping. She especially enjoys buying gifts for others.

The student said there are two professions she is interested in pursuing when she grows up.

“It’s between being a doctor or a teacher. I want to be a doctor so I can help people with their health in case something happens to them. I want to be a teacher because of all the teachers I’ve had in the past that always helped me, and knew that I just needed more time [to complete an assignment]. I want to help other kids.”

Name: Tania Gonzalez

Grade: Eighth

School: Miller Middle School

Parents: Jorge Gonzalez and Ana Maria Hernandez

Special Interests: Working on goals and cultivating friendships


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