‘An inquisitive nature’

Student has a thirst for knowledge

T-R PHOTO BY SARA JORDAN-HEINTZ Thaw Ta Soe, 10, a fourth grader at Hoglan Elementary School, completes advanced coursework. Interested in math, science, and building things, he continues to impress his teachers with his innovative ideas.

Thaw Ta Soe, 10, is the type of student who doesn’t merely do enough to get by in his classes, but rather, adds advanced coursework to help him soar.

As a fourth grader attending Hoglan Elementary School, he is enrolled in two accelerated programs: Target group and Math League. His XLP (Extended Learning Program) instructor Nicole Holman, said she continues to be impressed with his breadth of knowledge.

“I absolutely love the way he has this wonderful, inquisitive nature,” Holman said. “He is always asking questions and making connections and coming up with creative solutions to problems. I just love the way his mind works.”

Thaw Ta Soe’s favorite subject is math, wherein he is working on learning arithmetic at the fifth and sixth grade levels. In his Target group, he gets to work on various projects, including, but not limited to: making solar cars, designing catapults, working with circuits, and listening to guest speakers.

When not busy with his studies, the child likes to make/build things and watch television, including Anime shows. The youngest of the family, he has four older siblings.

“I have two brothers, two sisters, and two brothers-in-law and two sisters-in law,” he explained.

While he’s uncertain as to what he wants to be when he grows up, the staff at Hoglan know he is destined for greatness.

“He’s just a really big achiever, and picks up on things quickly,” said fourth grade teacher Megan Turbiville. “Although he’s very bright, he’s very humble too.”

Thaw Ta Soe came to Hoglan as a preschooler, only able to speak his native Karen.

“He’s extremely proficient in English,” Turbiville added. “When he sets his mind to achieving something, he does.”


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