Senior is known for his respectful manner

Andrew Bramon, 17, left, a senior at Marshalltown High School, is known for his kind, respectful manner. Very athletic, he likes to use the pull-up bar and arm wrestle with his peers, such as friend Jordan Anderson.

Andrew Bramon, 17, a senior at Marshalltown High School, is the kind of student who arrives at school with a positive attitude.

“I come to school prepared to learn,” he said.

Andrew keeps a busy schedule during this, his senior year. He likes having study hall time to work on his assignments. His work ethic and kind manner have not gone overlooked.

“He is the most respectful young man I have had the honor of meeting in my last two years at the high school as a study hall para-educator,” said Jennifer Jenson. “Study hall can get loud and students can be disrespectful to staff and peers. If Andrew is around where there is disrespect, he is not afraid to speak up and set the example of what respect looks like, and protect and boost the morale of the student being disrespected.”

Andrew’s favorite part of the day is physical education.

“I like to play wallyball and use the pull-up bar. I can do 25 pull-ups in a row, which is a school record,” he said. “I also like to arm wrestle.”

The senior can be seen completing his coursework with the aid of his headphones, which help him concentrate.

“After his old ones broke, we all chipped in to buy him new ones,” Jenson said.

When not busy with homework, the student likes to spend time with his pets, watch movies and work on his car. After he finishes high school, he’d like to work in food service.

“I want to get a job at JBS in the cafeteria. I like cooking food,” he said. “I also want to get a place out in the country because I like the quiet.”

“He’s just very special and unique; that type of respect is something we don’t see much of anymore,” Jenson said.


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