Team building — with science

On Monday evening, students at St. Francis Catholic School hosted a Family Fun Night, with a focus on team building and STEM activities. Attendees, with “passports” in hand, got to travel around the gym and to various classrooms to partake in scientific demonstrations. Pupils in grades preschool-sixth were asked to bring their friends and family. “We wanted to kick-off our celebration of Catholic Schools Week with fun activities that focus on families and staff coming together,” said instructor Cherilyn Eveleth who helped coordinate the event. “Our theme was ‘Hands On, Minds On.” A wide array of activities challenged participants in the art of problem solving, teamwork building, appreciation of others, commitment and communication. Here, one St. Francis family attempts the “ski challenge.” Pictured: Graci Rodriguez and her children Viannay Gonzalez and Johnathan Rodriguez.