An autumn finish

Officials: Phase II Roundhouse project still set for November completion

An update on Phase II of the Marshalltown High School Roundhouse renovation project was presented at this week’s Marshalltown School Board meeting, and the completion date has been moved back a few days.

“I think we’ve lost a week with the inclement weather since the new year,” said district Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte. “We’re not too far off of what the original schedule was, maybe a week at most.”

District Director of Buildings and Grounds Chuck Springer confirmed that the project has been pushed back slightly.

“Nov. 12 was the original completion date, now it’s moved [Nov.] 19,” he said, adding late-winter weather complicates setting a solid completion date. “That’s a moving target in construction, it’s so hard to say … this is the worse time of the year, right now, to make predictions; it’s just completely throwing darts.”

Phase II, which includes a new auxiliary gymnasium and a wrestling room, is being constructed by Ball Team LLC of Urbandale. The design was done by FEH Design of Des Moines.

“The excavation of the basement was completed on [Feb.] 12,” Springer said of progress on the project. “The shoring for the basement was completed as well, so we’re all done with the shoring that has to be done.”

He said surveyors arrived on-site on Feb. 15 to lay out additional geopiers for the building.

“There are different types of piers, but what we’re using is geopiers; they bore a hole and then they put the i-beams inside that hole, and then they fill it with gravel, with a crushed rock, and that forms the foundation of that i-beam, and it stabilizes it, and that’s what you build on top of,” Springer said of the geopiers. “They should be complete this week.”

He added that Kevin Eipperle of FEH Design reported at this week’s school board meeting that concrete for the building’s walls could go in as soon as late next week.

Schutte said he is looking forward to seeing the building go up.

“We’re really excited to see it progress and start to take shape,” he said.


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