Setting the date

County budget hearing scheduled for Feb. 20

For local government entities, February means setting the budget for the next fiscal year.

It also means giving the public a chance to comment and ask about budget proposals. The Marshall County Board of Supervisors approved 9 a.m. Feb. 20 in the board meeting room at the Marshall County Courthouse, 1 E. Main St., as the date and time for a hearing on the 2018-19 county budget proposal.

“Preliminary numbers are in; both urban and rural levy rates will be dropping by 39 cents,” said board Vice Chairman Dave Thompson of the proposed budget. “In April of this year, the county will be debt-free.”

Additionally, a new savings plan is in the works.

“We are setting up … a capital savings plan; money that will be set aside to do capital improvements that can be used for nothing else out of this budget,” Thompson said. “This was a good budget year.”

Also approved Tuesday was an audit report on the county by Bowman and Miller P.C.

“I thought the report was really good,” said board Chairman Bill Patten. “It’s because we have all worked together.”

He said report is long, but key information can be found on the front and back pages.

“You always look at the back page and the front page, and there weren’t any bad marks,” Patten said.

Thompson said looking at the back page of an audit report is one of the first things he does when reviewing the information.

“Whenever you look at an audit, turn to the last page,” he said. “If there are no bad marks, you can smile.”

The audit report is public information and can be viewed at the supervisors’ office on the third floor of the courthouse.

An appointment was approved at the meeting. Laneal Nelson was picked for a two-year term to the Green Mountain Street Lighting District.

Two one-year liquor licenses were also approved. One, a class C license, was for The Harvester Golf Course in Rhodes. The second included a class C beer permit with Sunday privilege and a class E liquor license for Randawa’s Travel Center in Melbourne.

The next Marshall County Board of Supervisors meeting is set for 9 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 20 in meeting room No. 2 on the third floor of the Marshall County Courthouse, 1 E. Main St.


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