State Roundup

West Branch

• West Branch High School’s jazz band’s slide trombone section performed last night at Liberty High School in North Liberty during the Liberty Jazz Festival. Director Jack Frank said the jazz band’s show was “not our best performance,” yet the band won first place in Class 2A. “It is a really talented group playing with a lot of energy…(and) that carried us to victory!” he said. — West Branch Times

Johnson County

• Johnson County was recently named No. 1 in the state for workplace safety by the Iowa Municipalities Workers’ Compensation Association. As an employer, Johnson County has the best Experience Modification Factor our of 79 counties in the IMWCA program and the second best overall EMF of the nearly 500 entities and organizations in IMWCA. The EMF is based on an entity’s workplace injury history, both number of and severity of those injuries. — North Liberty Leader


• Four students from Solon Elementary School decided to make and sell fidget spinners to raise money for cancer awareness. The boys has come up with the idea to make fidget spinners in Genius Hour at the school. The started off by making a mold of a fidget spinner out of Play Dough, put a bearing in the middle then filled the mold with hot glue. They made different shapes and colors and sold them for $2 each. The boys raised $150 selling the fidget spinners. One of the boy’s mother, who works for Midwest Microwave Solutions, heard what the boys were doing and decided to give them $1,000 bringing their total to $1,150. — Solon Economist


• The board of directors of the Van Buren County School District will meet at 7:30 p.m. on March 7. It will be the organizational meeting of the new reorganized district approved by the voters from Harmony and Van Buren community school districts in the Feb. 6 election. Dr. Cindy Yelik, the AEA executive director, will call the meeting to order and swear in the board members which will be selected this month by the Harmony and Van Buren school boards. Harmony will choose two and Van Buren four with the seventh director being appointed at the March 7 meeting voted on by the six board members. — Van Buren County Register


• Iowa Public Television announced recently that agriculture reporter Delaney Howell, a graduate of Columbus Community High School, will be the new host of “Market to Market,” IPTV’s weekly nationally syndicated agribusiness program. “Market to Market’s” news and in-depth analysis on the $800 billion business of agriculture is seen across Iowa and 20 other states. — Columbus Gazette