An artistic scientist

Junior sees a future in music and engineering

T-R PHOTO BY SARA JORDAN-HEINTZ MHS junior Luke Wymore enjoys music and science, namely, playing the saxophone and learning about engineering. He sees a future as a chemical engineer and a musician.

Science and music are the two great passions belonging to MHS junior Luke Wymore, 17.

He has played the saxophone since fifth grade, including the alto, tenor and baritone varieties. A favorite element of the school day is spending time in science courses.

“I mainly like all my classes, but intro to engineering and design and chemistry are my favorites,” he said.

One minute he can be found playing his sax in the school’s jazz band, and the next, attending Robotics club sessions learning how to build machines with movable parts.

In his spare time, the junior enjoys completing art projects and woodworking.

“I like to do arts and crafts you can do with just what’s around the house,” he said. “This fall I made marking pencils for my grandpa.”

Chemistry instructor Mike Loupee said what he appreciates about having Luke in class is his organized and inquisitive nature.

“He is always well-prepared and enthusiastic about science,” Loupee said. “He takes on a great level of accountability for his learning. He asks deeper-level processing questions.”

The student has set a variety of goals for himself, as he enters the final months of junior year.

“My goals are to mainly try and learn the ways of engineering, and become more independent, so I know what I want to do in life going forward.”

What are his plans after completing high school?

“I want to major in engineering and or music at the University of Iowa, with having more of a reliable job as a chemical engineer, and music on the side,” he said.


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