‘Brothers Storm’

Local author pens final book in trilogy

T-R PHOTO BY SARA JORDAN-HEINTZ Local author Glen W. Christen has written the final book in his Marshals Storm trilogy — “Brothers Storm” — which focuses on the World War I adventures of Tim and Tom, the sons of Sue Storm, the heroine of his first book. The books are in the western/romance genre.

In his 2016 debut novel “Marshals Storm,” local author Glen W. Christen introduced readers to the spunky teenaged Sue Mason (later known as Sue Storm) as she navigates the world of 1890s Colorado, with the help of U.S. Marshal Ted Storm, later becoming a U.S. Marshal herself. Fast forward 20 years, and Christen’s second book “Sisters Storm” focuses on the adventures of the couple’s teenage daughters, Sara and Sally, who go on to become a U.S. Marshal and lawyer/ legislator, respectively. His latest book, “Brothers Storm,” is about their sons, Tom and Tim, who both end up serving in World War I.

“Growing up on an isolated ranch teaches them a multitude of skills that they use later on to be self-sufficient (in the war).” he said. “Tim develops an interest in flying and becomes a pilot, and Tom is regarded as a highly skilled shooter.”

The author said he got the idea for his books over the course of 25 years. He spent decades working in the electronic/maintenance business, passing the hours driving to and from calls by daydreaming about different story ideas.

“I had often imagined stories of ‘what if?’ but had no intention of ever doing anything about it,” he noted in a previous interview with the T-R.

He said he likes to write his female characters as strong and independent, who have egalitarian relationships with the men in their lives.

Christen, who is a U.S. Air Force veteran (1966-69), said he culled from some of his first-hand experiences serving in Thailand.

“It was helpful with developing the characters, and I’ve always had an interest in aviation,” he said.

Not wanting to give away too much of the plot, Christen said the brothers face extraordinary circumstances in the course of the story.

“They are united by the family credo: duty, honor, country,” Christen said.

Looking to the future, the author said he could see writing a series of short stories about the Storm family, but nothing is yet definite.

The books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and by getting in touch with Christen at: glen.christen.author@gmail.com


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