Renovations, repairs move forward

Selness talks spring updates to city parks, new green space


With spring soon upon us, Marshalltown Parks and Recreation will be starting some spring cleaning and repairs throughout the community’s 22 parks.

“Later this week Brad Weuve (parks superintendent) and I will be doing a complete evaluation of the parks — independently of each other — so we can compare [findings],” said Marshalltown Parks and Rec Director Anne Selness.

She noted Parks and Re. is seeking to employ 60-70 people for seasonal work, including, but not limited to lifeguards, concession stand workers, park workers and more.

This week, Parks and Rec will be evaluating the Marshalltown Aquatic Center, seeing if any general repairs need to be more before the facility opens for the season on Memorial Day.

“We ordered some new cement tables for the concession stand because the other ones were rusting,” she noted.

Selness said people interested in buying swim passes may do so at any time to avoid the summer rush.

Repairs are being made to the public restrooms at Riverview Park, until new ones can be installed. In addition, gardening has begun at that park, as well as at Mega-10.

“We are giving Judge Park an upgrade,” Selness said. “A new bench and some more gardens are going in.”

A new public green space is being developed off 18th Ave and Highway 30, to be called Rice Grass Nature Park. Currently, the 27-acre space is overgrown, and thus, hard to walk through.

“Later this month or early April we will have a burn to remove invasive species,” Selness said. “The land, which we got from the Iowa DOT, is usable now, but it’s hard to walk through it, so we plan to put in a nice walking trail around in.”

She said little else will be added to the nature park — aside from some basic signage listing the type of wildlife found in the area.

“In the Parks and Rec Master Survey, it was recommended that we add a more natural type of park (in Marshalltown),” she said.

People interested in applying for Parks and Rec employment, or to rent building space in the parks, can do so online at: For more information, Selness may be reached at:


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