Steps taken on sewer project

Supervisors approve applications for condemnation of Green Mountain land for sewage ponds

Green Mountain may be a little closer to having a sewer system installed after Tuesday’s Marshall County Board of Supervisors meeting.

The unincorporated township does not currently have an Iowa Department of Natural Resources-approved water treatment system in place, and the supervisors voted unanimously to move forward with applications for condemnation of two areas of land for the planned project.

“When it comes to the condemnation process, your action today, all that does is start and gives the attorneys the approval to start the process,” said JCG Land Services project manager Chris Happ. “There’s an application that has to go before a magistrate that has to make sure that we’ve met all Iowa codes in our good faith negotiations up until this point.”

If the application is approved by the magistrate, Happ said a notification is sent out to all interested parties and a public condemnation hearing date and time is set. Such a hearing would be held at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office at 2369 Jessup Ave.

The land planned for condemnation by the county includes 3.9 acres owned by Matt Smith Farms Inc., appraised at $29,000, and 12.6 acres from the Linda Voss Revocable Trust and Paulette Burmudez Trust parcel, appraised at $100,800.

“(The) minimum (wait) for your condemnation hearing to even take place, once a judge authorizes the use of condemnation, is 30 days,” Happ said, adding such authorization could come within the next two months. “It could be sooner, it depends on how quickly everything is applied for with a judge and the judge approves it.”

The supervisors also approved an easement purchase agreement with Green Mountain-Garwin (GMG) Community School District in the amount of $6,500 in relation to the sewer project.

“Where this is at is where the ball field is, on the west side of the road; we will need to put some pipe underneath their outfield,” said board Chairman Bill Patten. “We will not dig it up, it will be bored.”

He said the easement will provide needed access to the planned area for the sewer project.

“We need a pathway to get to the potential cells, or ponds, that would be put to the west of that (easement),” Patten said. “(GMG) is going to give us that pathway on the south side, on the outside of their fence where the ball diamond is.”

In other business

The board also approved the county’s noxious weed control plan Tuesday.

“Basically, we’re going to do the west half of the county mid-May through early- to mid-June,”

Patten said. “Then, we’re going to do the eastern half of the county … that will be a spot spray, and that will be more toward the fall, mid- to late August.”

Thompson said landowners who want to be exempt from the spraying must apply for a sign from the county indicating their wish to not have spraying done. That sign comes with a $10 fee.

“Anybody out there that wishes their property not to be sprayed, you can apply for that, but you can’t put your own hand-written sign out, it has to be one that’s ours,” Thompson said.

A fifth Marshall County Courthouse security officer was approved for hire by the supervisors. Retired deputy sheriff Todd Parrish will begin as a part-time security officer effective today.

“He’ll be an excellent addition to our courthouse security staff,” Thompson said, adding the hire is one step closer to the planned six security officers at the courthouse.

Also approved was the use of the county’s mobile band shell by the Marshall County Arts and Culture Alliance during the Marshalltown Arts Festival, formerly called the Linn Creek Arts Festival, on Saturday, July 21.

“I’m planning on coming back when things are a little bit more finalized, but we are planning on having entertainment, food, beverages, kids activities, some live painting artists around the courthouse,” said Alliance Director Amber Danielson. “We’re planning on stretching artists down Main Street.”

She added the event will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. that day, with setup beginning in the morning.

“As a downtown business person, I’m really excited to have more entities like this making the downtown useable,” said Thompson, who owns Thompson True Value Hardware. “We’re a vibrant community down here.”

Marshall County Treasurer Jarret Heil said second-half installments on property taxes are due Monday, April 2. He said the payment can be made at, via mail or can be dropped off at the treasurer’s office at the courthouse.

The next Marshall County Board of Supervisors meeting is set for 9 a.m. Tuesday, April 3 in meeting room No. 2 on the third floor of the Marshall County Courthouse, 1 E. Main St.


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