Supervisors canvass votes

2nd ward recount process under way

T-R PHOTO By MIKE DONAHEY Marshall County Supervisor David Thompson, top right, is shown reading vote totals from the Feb. 27 City of Marshalltown Second Ward Special Election in the second floor conference room of the Marshall County Courthouse during a Monday morning session. The supervisors and staff met to officially canvas votes. Looking on, clock wise from top right, are Supervisor Bill Patten, Supervisor Steve Salasek, Marshall County Auditor/Recorder staff member Blaze Burr, Auditor/Recorder Nan Benson, and Auditor/Recorder staff member Cindy Reutzel.

On Monday, Marshall County Board of Supervisors and three staff from the Marshall County Auditor/Recorder’s office canvassed the Feb. 27 City of Marshalltown Second Ward Special Election results.

There was no change in the unofficial results reported by the Auditor/Recorder’s office after polls closed Feb. 27.

That election showed Gabe Isom unofficially winning with 96 votes, followed by Bob Untiedt’s 94, Jay Carollo 90, Brittany O’Shea at 68 and Leigh Bauder at 44.

Auditor/Recorder Nan Benson said one absentee ballot which was outstanding Tuesday night was not returned by the deadline.

Therefore it is void.

A total of 393 votes were cast, representing 10.17 percent of 3,863 eligible ward voters.

The candidates employed tactics ranging from traditional door-knocking to yard signs to extensive social media posts.

The ward, which encompasses much of Marshalltown’s northwest quadrant, has been without representation on the city council since Jan. 2.

On that date then second ward councilor Joel Greer was sworn in as mayor.

Recount requested

However, on the afternoon of March 2, Untiedt submitted a written request to the Auditor/Recorder’s office for a recount.

It will be done regardless of Monday’s canvas, said Benson. Untiedt does not have to pay for the recount.

On Monday Benson and staff were awaiting information from the Secretary of State’s office on when they could proceed with the recount.

Additionally, as part of the recount process, Isom and Untiedt are allowed to each pick one individual to represent them during the recount, while also agreeing on the selection of a third individual to also oversee the recount procedure.

Should they not be able to agree on an individual, the selection is made by a Marshall County District Court judge.

“The canvass is a normal part of elections; I think it’s a good and important part of the regular working of democracy,” said Untiedt. “The canvass does not provide the same kind of scrutiny to the election the recount will, and it seems prudent to seek that recount. And, while the chance the recount will change things is small, it is also the case a recount in a situation like this no matter what the outcome, reaffirm that the system is working right. This kind of very close election is a great way to demonstrate to everyone that we should have confidence in how elections are done in Marshalltown.”

Isom was traveling on business Monday, and did not have an opportunity to return a call seeking comment by press time.


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