Untiedt remains undecided on re-count

Isom holds two-vote lead for second ward seat


Second ward candidate Bob Untiedt told the Times-Republican Wednesday he will make a decision by the end of day today to challenge, or not challenge Tuesday night’s second ward special election results.

Untiedt, a Davenport-area native who manages the Orpheum Theater complex for Iowa Valley Community College, had initially told the T-R late election night he would make a decision Wednesday to challenge, or not challenge the results.

Untiedt finished second with 94 votes behind winner Gabe Isom’s 96, according to unofficial results released Tuesday night by Marshall County Auditor-Recorder Nan Benson.

Isom, 28, said he had “no comment” should Untiedt challenge the results and demand a re-count.

If a recount is done, it would be done without charge to Untiedt said an official in Benson’s office Wednesday.

Election results are official only after the Marshall County Board of Supervisors canvass results March 5.

“This (Tuesday night’s results) goes to prove every vote counts,” said Benson.

Candidate Jay Carollo came in third with 90 votes, while Brittany O’Shea, tallied 68 and Leigh Bauder 44.

Benson said Tuesday night her office is awaiting one absentee ballot which must be returned by 8 p.m. Monday to be counted.

A total of 393 votes were cast, representing 10.17 percent of 3,863 eligible ward voters.

The ward, which encompasses much of Marshalltown’s northwest quadrant, has been without representation on the city council since Jan. 2.

On that date then second ward councilor Joel Greer was sworn in as mayor.

In an email to the T-R Wednesday, Bauder commented on her campaign experiences.

“I appreciated the opportunity of running for second ward city councillor with four other qualified individuals,” said Bauder in an email to the T-R. “I have forged new friendships and wish Gabe well. I will continue to question budget and expenditures as a private citizen and a business owner. We as a city need to celebrate our success but we must also be willing to identify problem areas and come up with cost effective creative solutions designed to decrease our debt load and taxes. This will mean hard work, tough decisions and partnering with citizens throughout Marshalltown. Together we can become the change we want to see in the world.”


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