A change in plans

Marshalltown Art Festival canceled for today

For the first time in its history, the Marshalltown Art Festival, formerly known as the Linn Creek Arts Festival, was to take place in downtown Marshalltown today. For years, it had been held on the grounds of the Fisher Community Center. Vendors, artists, musicians and food trucks were going to line the streets of our downtown area. But after the devastating tornado that hit the city late Thursday afternoon, the festival has been called off.

“It hasn’t been rescheduled at this time – we haven’t even discussed it yet,” Amber Danielson, executive director of the Marshall County Arts & Culture Alliance said. “My only priority is cleaning up our town. I’m devastated for our community. It’s the priority.”

Early Friday morning the art festival committee sent out an email to its bevy of volunteers, relaying the change in plans: “Due to this damage, we have made the difficult decision to CANCEL the Marshalltown Art Festival this year. We appreciate your selfless offer to donate your time to helping this community out at the Art Festival, and we hope to get your help at future Festivals. After the events of (Thursday), I’m sure that the selfless spirit that encouraged you to volunteer for the Festival will be needed again in the immediate future as our town rebounds from these events and forges ahead stronger than ever.”

Danielson said the folks involved in the festival who were going to travel from outside the area to come here have all been notified of the cancelation.

“Most people reached out to us. Everyone was aware (of the tornado). We heard nothing but good, positive thoughts,” she said.

Will there be an art festival yet this year?

“It’s too early to say what the future is for 2018, but we will have an art festival in 2019,” she said.

Danielson, who said her home sustained damage, has been busy cleaning up the debris with the aid of Good Samaritans.

“People are really coming together to help,” she said.


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