Number affected by Marshalltown tornado rises

Previously reported numbers of those affected by the EF-3 tornado that came through Marshalltown Thursday have risen. The following numbers are from Kim Elder, coordinator for Marshall County Emergency Management.

Residential assessments by American Red Cross

• Destroyed – 89

• Major – 525

• Minor – 94

• Affected – 58

Businesses assessments done by Damage Assessment volunteers from Marshall county (this number will go up as businesses self report)

• Destroyed – 7

• Major – 4

• Minor – 9

• Affected – 16


The American Red Cross has a set of definitions for each of the mentioned categories.

“Destroyed” means the property is a total loss and repairs aren’t feasible.

“Major” means the property sustained significan structural damages and requires extensive repairs.

“Minor” means the property had damage that does not affect the structural integrity of the residence.

“Affected” means there was minimal damage to the exterior and/or non-essential basements.