Volume of destruction

The exact amount of debris caused by the July 19 tornado may never be known, but city officials said the volume of tree and vegetative debris brought to the Marshalltown Compost Facility reached into the hundreds of thousands of cubic feet.

• Public vegetative debris brought into the compost facility hit a peak volume of 657,585 cubic feet, enough to fill 7.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools — nearly 5 million gallons. That peak was hit on July 31.

• City crews and contractors started their own vegetative debris pile separate from the compost facility. It reached a peak volume of 733,365 cubic feet, which would fill 8.3 Olympic-sized swimming pools, or nearly 5.5 million gallons. That peak was hit on Aug. 6.

• City assistant civil engineer Brad Bateman said the figures are rough because new debris was being brought in while older debris was eventually put through a wood chipper. The values above were the highest recorded volumes for each brush pile by city officials.