Spring is here, finally

T-R FILE PHOTO With spring officially here, Central Iowans are looking forward to spending more time outdoors to work in gardens and yards, exercise, explore nature and more. Pictured is Ann Bresler, left, and Isolde Deninger weeding and planting in Darwin L. Judge Park in 2017.

It was a long winter.

Such is the feeling of many Central Iowans, who in the course of a few months, have endured subzero wind chills, blizzards, white-out conditions, thunderstorms and now flooding in some places. March 20 marks the official first day of spring, with many people eager for the warmer and sunnier days ahead.

“We dug all the bikes and scooters out yesterday. I’m looking forward to hitting the bike path,” Alicia Hunter said. “I’m also ready for Little League to kick off. My husband would say he is ready to catch nightcrawlers and put a pole in the water.”

Bob Untiedt can’t wait to go on the first bike ride of the season and enjoy the early blooming plants and flowers.

“I like the first signs of a lovely ground covering, small, delicate flower – Siberian Squill – which cover the yard of a house I still own, only for a week or so, and then they’re gone,” he said. “Their blooming is always among the first things of spring.

Pat Thompson said she is looking forward to experiencing the sights and sounds of spring.

“I’m looking forward to watching my tulips come up and especially, to sitting on my deck at dusk listening for ‘my’ owl. I love to hear the sounds around me,” she said. “I also enjoy the people using ‘my’ bike trail by my house. It will be so good to get outside.”

Amanda Hood is looking forward to the smell of flowers. For Mary Paxton Argo, the first day of spring means it is her son’s seventh birthday. Travis Mull is excited to finally have the opportunity to put his heater away and have the need for a fan. Doris Day said spring temperatures will allow her to open her windows for her cats to sit in the windowsills.

Karen Weltzin said she has plans to clean up her yard and make repairs where needed, plus start planting flowers.

“I’m looking forward to not bracing myself against subfreezing temperatures every time I leave a building,” Carolyn Briggs said. “Besides that, I can’t wait to open my windows, ride my bike, plant some flowers and wear my flip flops.”


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